Valley of Flowers reopenes in 2014 itself. Valley of Flowers is open now.

Valley will open in 2015 surely it is opened for public in 2014 for 6 days in October.

Valley of Flowers open in 2014 end of the season

Valley of Flowers was reopened to public on 4th October, 2014 after the completion of construction of 2.6 km of trek between Ghangaria and Valley of Flowers. Valley of Flowers will remain open only up to 10th October, 2014 after that it will be closed. The news is important for the trek to Valley of Flowers in 2015. People who are willing to visit Valley of Flowers in 2015 can plan their visit safely now.

News for Valley of Flowers reopening in 2014

News for Valley of Flowers reopening in 2014

Valley of Flowers was closed after the floods in June, 2013. Ghangaria became accessible in 2013 itself but the valley remained inaccessible as 2.6 km trek was washed off in flood. Generally Public works department of state of Uttarakhand was responsible for the maintenance of trek but the damage was so large that the trek could not have been made from the same route. The new trek has to be rerouted and the land belongs to forest department. The construction work could not be started till early September, 2014 as the forest department did not get any grant from Government of India.

We were in constant touch with PWD officials till May, 2014 and they were assuring that the valley will open by June this year but after a joint survey by PWD and forest officials along with District Magistrate, Chamoli District in first week of June it was decided that the trek will be laid by forest department only. Forest department got the budget only in first week of September. The construction of the new trek was given on contract to locals and they did a great job in completing the total work in just 20 days.

We are still awaiting the latest pictures of the newly constructed trek from our connections in Ghangaria. The new trek is almost one km longer than the old trek and bit tougher also as you need to climb more and come down again to reach the heaven.

Bridge over Alaknanda at Govindghat has also been constructed. This is a motor-able bridge authorities are constructing road from Govindghat to Pula, it will reduce the total trek from Govindghat to Ghangaria by 3 km once the road is completed.

Bridge at Govindgha on Alaknanda Construction completed in early September.

Bridge at Govindgha on Alaknanda Construction completed in early September.

Bridge at Govindgha on Alaknanda Construction completed in early September. This is motor-able bridge.

Bridge at Govindgha on Alaknanda Construction completed in early September. This is motor-able bridge.

The departures of 2015 are announced, if you are interested you can book early, we are giving discounts now.

I am a Company Secretary and a law graduate professionally but developed a deep love and passion for Valley of flowers. I have been going to valley of flowers since 2004. I love to take people to valley of flowers . So come with me to valley of flowers and enjoy this true wonder of nature.

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62 comments on “Valley of Flowers reopenes in 2014 itself. Valley of Flowers is open now.
  1. karishma says:

    I read your articles on Valley of Flowers and they are very informative. please suggest the itenary and the related details on the plan to visit Valley of Flowers and hemkund sahib for group of three girls. Is it possible to book hotel room where all three can stay together.
    Are there any other places around if we stay a day or two longer?

    • Devkant Sangwan says:

      Hello Karishma Ji,

      We have sent you a detailed itinerary for the trip. The other destination which are included in the trip are Auli, Badrinath and Mana visit. Yes, it is possible to take hotel rooms at triple share basis.
      Thank You!!

  2. Manjushree says:

    Hey Dev,

    Im interested to travel to Valley of Flowers this as a solo tripping. Would please suggest the itenary and the related details on the plan. Looking forward to join your group on a trip to Valley of Flowers.

    • Devkant Sangwan says:

      A detailed itinerary has been sent to you Manjushree ji, Please reply with your phone there and we can go ahead

  3. Sunil says:

    Hi, We would like to visit Valley of Flowers in August 15th to 17th. We are family of 4 members. Kindly guide us the possible itinerary. Please provide your budget from Rishikes or form Haridwar return journey. We may require pony so please inform charges. This should include accommodation ( all options camp and hotel etc.) ,meal and all transport . Thanks.

  4. Pratik Kar says:

    Please let me know if it is feasible to trek Valley of Flowers on 8th july 2015 . I saw bookings open . please let me know the itenary and budget detials . i will be reaching dehradun on 8th july 2015.

  5. Anup says:

    I heard that there are landslides in the region. Is it still safe to visit the valley . I am planning around July 25.

    • Devkant Sangwan says:

      Everything is fine as per now. Definitely you can visit Valley of Flowers around that time.

  6. Amit Jhindal says:

    Hi, we are planning Valley of Flowers in 20th Sept week. there are 4 adults and 2 children of 8 years each.
    can you please share an itanary for the trip. Also, will it be safe for the kids to trek.

  7. Tapasya says:

    Hey, I just wanted to clear my confusion, it says trek to Valley of Flowers from 19 to 25 July will remain closed. So is it just your travelling company that won’t take a trip or will the park remain closed at that time?

    • Devkant Sangwan says:

      Hello Mam,
      If “closed” is written in front of a departure it means all the spaces are full in that departure.

  8. Rani says:

    I would like to know which is the best time to trek for Valley of Flowers , in which month flowers will blossom fully?
    I heard that after floods public is not allowed into the park, last ear they have allowed it for 6 days, what about this year (2015).

  9. AALAP SAHA says:

    I am planning to visit Valley of Flowers in Aug Starting. I have a few questions. I will be glad if you help me.

    1) Options of Shared Taxi/Bus transport from Rishikesh? Its departure & arrival timings? Whether any advance booking required or from where to book those transports? I will reach Rishikes one day before.
    2) Give me some advice about precautions to be taken to deal with sudden Landslides & availability of ATMs in those areas.
    3) Should I carry Rain Coats? Please advise me too about how much winter wears should I take.
    4) Any key advice that I should know.

    • Devkant Sangwan says:

      Please visit our FAQ page. Shared Sumo is available at Rishikesh Gurudwara. They start early in the morning. Advance booking is not required. Take enough cash from Rishikesh only, you will not get time to withdraw cash from ATM on the way. Landslides are common in the area and most of the cases they are cleared in few hours maximum. You need to wait for them to be cleared by BRO. Please visit as well. Things to carry for Valley of Flowers trek page

  10. rashmi raveendran says:

    Hello! From one of the comments posted by you, I understand that there is a Valley of Flowers trip scheduled from July 5th. Can I have more details on the same? Iam interested in it

  11. Raghavendra says:

    Is October(any time between 10th oct to 20th oct) an ideal time to visit Valley of Flowers ?

    • Devkant Sangwan says:

      Hello Sir,
      It will not be a good time as snowfall starts in the month of October and the Valley is closed for general public. Valley of Flowers will be snow capped again and all the plants will shed seeds and seeds will be preserved under snow to germinate again in next season when snow starts melting in May.
      If you are planning you can opt from the below given departure dates announced by us this year :-

      Valley of Flowers Trek 2015

      28th June – 4th July (Open)
      5th July – 11th July (Open)
      12th July – 18th July (Closed)
      19th July – 25th July (Closed)
      26th July – 1st Aug. (Closed)
      2nd Aug. – 8th Aug. (Closing Soon)
      9th Aug. – 15th Aug. (Open)
      16th Aug. – 22nd Aug. (Open)
      23rd Aug. – 29th Aug. (Open)
      30th Aug. – 5th Sept. (Open)
      6th Sept. – 12th Sept. (Open)
      13th Sept. – 19th Sept. (Open)
      20th Sept. – 26th Sept. (Open)

      • Sharad Rustagi says:

        Hello sir…
        I’m planning to visit Valley of Flowers on 4th of sept…kindly tell me is it open….with detailed itinerary….we are family of 4…. Including 2 kids..

        • Devkant Sangwan says:

          Hello Sir,
          A detailed mail has been sent to you regarding itinerary and costing. And yes the Valley of Flowers is opened.

        • Devkant Sangwan says:

          Hello Sir,
          Yes the Valley of Flowers is opened. A detailed mail has been sent to you regarding itinerary and costing.

  12. Mohan Naik says:

    Hi Devkant ,

    We are a group of 4 friends planning to tour the Valley of Flowers aroung July 21 2015 . We would like to visit the sacred Badrinath temple on return from the valley . kindly send the itinerary for the tour .

  13. Arijit says:

    We are planning to visit the Valley if Flowers around July end this year.Just wanted to check if there has been any damage to it because of the recent series of earthquakes.I also noticed that all your treks around that time are full. So would it be possible to go on this trek on our own? We are a group of four reasonably fit guys-all around 26-27 years of age.

    • Devkant Sangwan says:

      Hello Sir,
      There is no damage to Valley of Flowers due to recent earthquakes. You can go definitely for the end of July. A detailed mail has been sent to you.

  14. anwesha saha says:

    Hi.interested in visiting during late July to early august ..mostly interested in flowers..
    Pls send the necessary details

  15. udit singh says:

    Dear Devkant,

    We are planning to visit Hemkund Saab and Valley of Flowers in June first or Second week. So please suggest me is it good time to visit there and plz provide me the detailed itinerary and costing. As per now we are only 2 members.

    Thanks a ton,

    • Devkant Sangwan says:

      June first week is a not the peak season for flowers in the valley but you will find lot of snow at Hemkund Sahib. You can join in our fixed departure tours starting from June 28.

  16. Dipanwita says:

    We want to go Valley of Flowers and Hemkund Sahib during May end or June 1st week to avoid the rainy season.
    Let me know is it ok? also let me know the details of cost itinerary as we are budget traveler.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Devkant Sangwan says:

      Valley of Flowers will open on June 1st, 2015. So there is no question of doing it at the end of May. There will be very less number of flowers in Valley of Flowers and you will see the last 3 km to trek to Hemkund Sahib full of snow. The decision is to be taken by you whether you want to see flowers or snow. For a budget travel you can take public transport and follow our itinerary. You may get rooms at Ghangaria after reaching there as well. If you want to book it in advance we can also help you. You can contact us on our phone number also.

  17. Aravind says:

    Sir we are a group of 10 people. We are planning in the 3rd week of July. Sir can you please give me the detailed iternary along with cost per person.


  18. byaktiranjan says:

    well i am planning to visit the valley in the month of july.. do suggest whether the second week of july is perfect for the trip or not.. and if yes please do send me an itinerary with details and pricing.. thank you

    • Devkant Sangwan says:

      July second week is a good time to visit the Valley of Flowers. We have sent you a detailed mail about itinerary and cost.

  19. Rajarshi Roy says:

    Hello Devkant-ji,

    We are planning to visit Valley of Flowers and Hemkund in Aug 2015. Can you please send us the detailed itinerary, costs and dates of departure for Aug?


  20. lalitha says:

    pls send the touring details and cost etc for the trek to valley and the convienient time as we plan to get there in june

  21. Usha Hariharan says:

    Pls send me details. We are group of 5, all above 50 years.

  22. Saandip Nandagudi says:

    We are a group pf 8-10 & we are bird photographers & Nature landscape photographers.
    Can you send us detailed itinerary & cost for two days at Valley of Flowers& pointers to photograph birds.

    Thank in advance.

  23. Deepak Tank says:

    I learn your program starts from 28th June. Due to my other travel plans, I need to visit Valley of Flowers by 5th May. Can you suggest me if by 5th May do they allow visits to Valley of Flowers. Though this question beyond the scope of your program, hope you won’t mind sharing this information.

    Deepak T

    • Devkant Sangwan says:

      Valley of Flowers will be opened by 1st June, 2015 on its official opening time. You can visit Valley of Flowers after that only.

  24. P E KISHORE BABU says:

    You have provided very good details of Valley of Flowers. Request to provide the Jul-Sep’15 package details including cost per person.

  25. sachin says:

    We are group of 8 people looking for trip to this place in June first trek possible at that time? Help me with details

  26. bhasker says:

    please send me details for Jun trip

  27. Joyshree Saikia says:

    Plz share the details for a trip to Valley of Flowers for September, 2015.

  28. Trupti says:

    Can u send me the detail mail regarding the trip.

  29. Rajendra Pingale says:

    Please let me know below details about this trip:

    Total per person cost
    Travel mode plan from place to place
    Hotel details if those you book in advance

    I wish to join July or August trip if suits my budget.


  30. Rahul Bhagwat says:

    Please provide details for Valley of Flowers tour starting from 19 July to 25 July or 26 July to 1 August.

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