Things to carry for Valley of Flowers trek

Valley of Flowers trek, things to carry

The following is what we recommend you take, and is a guideline of what to bring. You are responsible for having the necessary personal equipment you need for this trek.

  • One Good quality preferably Reebok/Adidas windcheater or lightweight jacket. or A good thermal (polypropylene) layer consisting of long johns and pullover. Temperatures are very low specially in night time and mornings even in June.
  • Two pairs of lightweight trousers or pants, one for trekking and one to wear at night
  • One pair of shorts.
  • Two light weight fleeces or wool jumpers.
  • A light weight umbrella.
  • A woolen hat to wear in the mornings and evenings.
  • Sunglasses.
  • A pair of gloves. (optional)
  • A camera.
  • A note book and/or writing paper and pen.
  • Duffel bag or large rucksack to carry to gear while trekking. We recommend you use something strong and sturdy.
  • Daypack: This is a small rucksack to carry the gear you will need while trekking. Camera, spare jacket, waterproof jacket, water bottle, pack lunch etc.
  • Water bottle.
  • Small towel .
  • Toiletries, N.B as little as possible, if you are traveling with friends try to share toiletries.
  • Small torch with spare batteries. (Important). There will be no electricity after 9 pm. You will need it.
  • Walking boots / trekking shoes.  If you are buying new boots for this trip please ensure they are well broken in before hand. Few things will make you more miserable during the trek than blisters. You need to cross some shallow rivers using them (Some time jumping over round stones in shallow rivers). It is better to have shoes which does not get wet easily. (Avoid shoes made of foam and cloth kind of stuff). Our recommendation is take some woodland shoes with a backup of good quality floaters.  Old shoes must be avoided if they are not in good condition as last year two of our clients got their shoes sole removed while trekking right inside the Valley of Flowers. That is something no one would like to happen with himself. You also need to take them off while crossing some shallow rivers. (Kindly talk to me if you want at +91 9268319339)
  • Medicines like muscle relaxant, some antibiotics, one crape bandage, if you are prone to vomiting then some medicine for that.
  • Some dry fruits like Fig, Cashew nut and Almonds. Also some chocolates can be bought, idea is to have high energy low weight food items while trekking.  Food quality available in Ghangria is not so good. So take some fruits / biscuits  for your breakfast and lunch for at least two days.
what to wear on the trek to Valley of Flowers

what to wear on the trek to Valley of Flowers

23 comments on “Things to carry for Valley of Flowers trek
  1. Ajith says:

    Planning this july

  2. Prasanth R Nair says:

    Hello ‘Devkant’..we friends are planning the trip in August.. please send me a detailed iternary for the trip and the approximate cost ..thanking you Prasanth R Nair

  3. Amrit says:

    Please send me the details of Valley of Flowers.I am probably planning to visit Valley of Flowers in the 1st week of june

  4. Praveen says:

    I am planning a trip in the coming season, please send me a detailed iternary for the trip and the probable costing along with the best time to plan.

  5. Shruti says:

    I wanna trek this year 2017

  6. Navjot Singh says:

    Please send me all the needed details. we are planning to visit Valley of Flowers between 12 Aug- 15 august.

    • Devkant Sangwan says:

      Hello Navjot
      This year’s itinerary has been sent to you. Kindly check with your mail.
      Do contact if you are interested this year.
      Thank you !!

  7. Arthi says:


    Thank you for all the detailed infromation. I wish to trek this year. Can you let me know the cost involved. I will be coming from Chennai. Is it safe for a single lady to join the trek group.

    Also, can you guide me on the physical fitness i need to be prepared and also what I can do from now for my fitness to trek.

    Awaiting to hear from you at the earliest. Looking forward to visit the valley!

  8. Ravi says:

    Hello, can you please let me know, if its ok to visit Valley of Flowers in month of december.

  9. Avaneendra says:

    We(Min 10-Max 15) are planning to visit Valley of Flowers around 2nd Oct.
    Would leave from Delhi by Thursday,1 Oct, Evening.
    Would reach to Gobindghat by Friday, 2nd Oct, Morning around 10 am, tentative.
    Our itinerary would be 2nd Oct-Gobindghat to Ghangria, 3rd Oct-Ghangria to Valley of Flowers, 3rd Oct or 4th Oct-Return to Gobindghat. 4th Oct-We leave to Delhi by 12 pm.
    Please guide if you have some plan with cost.


  10. zaclog says:

    Hello, we are 2 English adults looking to visit the Valley of Flowers soon (after 18th July?). Please could you inform us if the treks are still.going ahead considering the rain (is it too dangerous to access at the moment)? Also please could you inform us of a detailed itinerary, prices and dates of the trek for July / august? Many thanks!

  11. Chandrashekhar Shaligram says:

    You must be in V O F with the trek of first batch Kindly put up details

  12. mohammed israfil says:

    this is really nice web page you made. i got very useful information regarding flower valley. thanks. It will be better if you given the idea of price required to reach (from haridwar or rishikesh)

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