Valley of Flowers National Park, Uttrakhand, India

Brief Introduction:

Valley of Flowers National Park is Situated near Badrinath, in the state of Uttrakhand in India. It is at a height of 11000 feet to 14000 feet above sea level in western Himalayas. It is famous for its meadows of alpine flowers and outstanding natural beauty.

Valley of Flowers in July

Pushpawati river bed 6 kilometers inside Valley of Flowers. Kindly observe the pink shade on the river bed . This pink shade is of a colony of a beautiful flower called Epilobium Latifolium or River Beauty.

The park stretches over an area of 87.50 km².

It is one of the most beautiful high-altitude valleys in Himalayas. Thousands of Nature Lovers, Mountaineers and Nature Photographers visit the Valley in a short span of four months every year.

You can find hundreds of different species of flowers in the valley including Brahamkamal, Potentillas, Blue Poppy (Queen of Himalyan Flowers) and many more.

Discovery of Valley of Flowers.

Valley of flowers was Discovered by Frank S. Smythe in the year 1931. When he along with other mountaineers were coming down climbing Kamet. Kamet is 25,500 feet high mountain in Uttrakhand, India. They were passing by Bhyuandar Pass and it was very cold that day. They lost the way and fortunately they went to Valley of flowers. They saw different variety of flowers like Saxifrages, Androsaces, Asters , Sedums, Geraniums, Potentillas, Geums, Gentians and many more.

They camped there for two days and later it was called as the “VALLEY OF FLOWERS”.

Later Frank S. Smythe also wrote a book called “THE VALLEY OF FLOWERS“. You can buy the book at village Ghangaria on your trip to VALLEY OF FLOWERS.

Location of Valley of Flowers

Valley of Flowers national park is located near Badrinath in Chamoli district, Garhwal region of Uttrakhand state in India. It is about 300 Kilometers from Haridwar and 500 kilometers from New Delhi. We have made a dedicated page on How to reach Valley of Flowers. This page explains in detail the distances, mode of transportation and other guidelines along with lots of photographs.

Opening and Closing dates of Valley of Flowers.

The park officially opens every 1st June and closes on 4th October. Actually, valley and its surrounding area are snow clad for most of the year and it become accessible only by June and since snow fall starts by last week of September or first week of October the valley is closed during that time.

Opening and closing times of Valley of Flowers.

In the morning one can enter at 7.00 a.m. and the last entry is allowed by 2.00 p.m. You should come back by 5.00 p.m. We advise you to start your trek backward by 2.00 p.m. if you entered at 7.00 a.m.

Best time to visit Valley of Flowers

You can visit on our page on Best time to visit Valley of Flowers for detailed information.

Valley of Flowers in May

Valley of Flowers in June

Valley of Flowers is Snow Clad. This is the time when snow in the Valley starts melting and the seeds of the last years’ plants starts germinating and by the month of July the Valley of Flowers will be in full bloom.

Valley of Flowers in July

Valley of Flowers in July

This is the time when you can see the lush green color of Valley of Flowers, flowers are in full bloom the pink shade in the picture is hude colony of Epilobium

Valley of Flowers in August

Valley of Flowers in August

As time passes, plants get matured and lessor number of flowers are visible. Leaves of the plants starts turning yellowish green/peach in color.

Valley of Flowers in September

Valley of Flowers in September.

This is the last phase of valley when it is accessible to general public. Soon snowfall will start in the month of the October, and it will be snow clad again and all the seeds put down by plants will be preserved under snow to germinate again in next season when snow starts melting in May.

Valley of Flowers entry fee

Entry fee for Valley of Flowers

Entry Fee for Valley of Flowers

Indian need to pay Rs. 150 and foreigners Rs. 600 (approx. $12) for a three day pass to the valley. Charges for an additional day are Rs. 50 for Indian and Rs. 250 (approx. $5) for a foreigners. Carrying a still camera is free irrespective of its quality as professional or non-professional.Taking a non-professional video camera is also free. However Indians need to pay Rs. 500 and Foreigners Rs. 1500 for taking in a professional video camera. Also there are charges for making a feature film or documentary film; Indians need to pay Rs. 100,000 and Rs. 10,000 per day and foreigners Rs. 200,000 and Rs. 30,000 per day respectively. You may check this out in the picture.

We organize trekking tours to Valley of Flowers. to visit kindly fill in your contact details on “contact us” form. we will contact you soon

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  1. After a long search found your blog very useful for travelers. I am traveling lonely for badrinath and i am planning to visit valley of flowers in June second week.Is bus facility easily available from badrinath and from here to haridwar. Is room available or have to book online. can you estimate the approximate cost for lonely trip and is it safe for lonely travelers? thanks in advance sir

    • Thanks for the compliment. Bus service is not so frequent, but you can request for a seat in other buses hired exclusively by tourists. You may get a seat. From Joshimath to Haridwar you can find a bus service very early in the morning. Trip is safe for lonely travelers. You may get a hotel after reaching there also. But June is peak season for Hemkund Sahib, so sometime getting a room becomes difficult.

  2. Mr. Devkant, we are a group of 4-5 people who are planning a 6 day trip from Delhi probably by July 3rd/4th week.
    Is 6 days (including travel) sufficient for the valley of flowers trek?

    Request you to suggest an itinerary with the approximate costs that may be incurred.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi,
      We have departures every Sunday in July, August and September 2015. You should ideally have 7 days ex Haridwar, but can be done in 6 days ex Haridwar. A detailed itinerary has been mailed to you. Please send us your phone number so that we can discuss about the trip.

    • Hello Mam,
      Following are the departures to Valley of Flowers this year:-
      Fix Departures in 2015
      All these departures are of 7 Days and starting on Sunday.
      Valley of Flowers Trek 2015

      28th June – 4th July (Open)
      5th July – 11th July (Open)
      12th July – 18th July (Closed)
      19th July – 25th July (Closed)
      26th July – 1st Aug. (Closing Soon)
      2nd Aug. – 8th Aug. (Closing Soon)
      9th Aug. – 15th Aug. (Open)
      16th Aug. – 22nd Aug. (Open)
      23rd Aug. – 29th Aug. (Open)
      30th Aug. – 5th Sept. (Open)
      6th Sept. – 12th Sept. (Open)
      13th Sept. – 19th Sept. (Open)
      20th Sept. – 26th Sept. (Open)

  3. Hello Devkant,

    Please share details with cost soon for trek to Valley of Flowers and Hemkund Sahib for 2 persons and also what necessary things like dress, medicines, tools we have to carry along

    • Hello Sir,
      Our departure are starting from 28th June, 2015 only, you can opt any one of the them from the below given ones:-

      Valley of Flowers Trek 2015
      28th June – 4th July (Open)
      5th July – 11th July (Open)
      11th July – 17th July (Newly Announced-Open)
      18th July – 24th July (Newly Announced-Open)
      25th July – 31st July (Newly Announced-Open)
      1st Aug. – 7th Aug.(Newly Announced-Open)
      9th Aug. – 15th Aug. (Open)
      16th Aug. – 22nd Aug. (Open)
      23rd Aug. – 29th Aug. (Open)
      30th Aug. – 5th Sept. (Open)
      6th Sept. – 12th Sept. (Open)
      13th Sept. – 19th Sept. (Open)
      20th Sept. – 26th Sept. (Open)

  4. Please send me the details for valley of flowers . total cost , where to stay , how to reach there.
    For the one person .


  6. we ( me and my husband) want to visit in mid july ti valley of flowers. preferrably covering 29 th july or 18 th july . we will luke to opt for air lift. please share package cost and itenary. also, what are tge stay options, do we have hotels or its just camps

  7. Please sent details of valley of flowers starting from 1st August 15 we are four members age above 55 2 male 2 females

  8. Hello,

    Currently Iam reading a lot in the newspaper about the situation in Uttarakhand due to the rains. I read that people are being evacuated, airlifted etc. I also hear that a lot of bridges etc have been washed away. I just wanted to check if this is going to have any impact on the trek starting 5th july.

    • Everything is fine as per now. Definitely you can visit Valley of Flowers around that time. The bridges has been fixed and routes have been reopened.

  9. Dear Sir
    We are interested in Valley of flowers, Hemkund Sahib & Badriath trip
    We are family of 3 (all adults), but travelling by bus is not possible due to sickness, hence would prefer separate car
    What is the best itenary you can suggest. Preferred time is in Aug or Sep or your recommendation

  10. I just wanted to check on the weather there, as per forecast it says heavy rains are expected. Please update the status. We have booked the trek starting 25th Jul 2015.

  11. My wife (57), daughter(16) and I (64) wish to visit Valley of Fowers in AUG/SEP ’16 – we can start from Delhi.

    Could you send us an itinerary suggesting the recommended number of days required, route, stay, transport and food arrangements and necessary precautions we should take health- wise and dos and donts – and the costs.

  12. Dear Devkant Sangwan,if you canplease send me the full expenditures and appropriate time to visit Valley of Flowers..regards,Prasanth R Nair

  13. Hi,

    Could you please let me know the cost and details of the trip from Bangalore?
    What are the facilities that are available. If possible, can you forward the itenary for 1st week of Sep.


  14. Can you please provide the package cost for four people (3 adults and 1 semi-adult – 15 years old) and the itinerary for a 3-day trek to Valley of Flowers?

    It’s a brilliant initiative and a very good website providing useful information.

  15. Hi Devkant,

    We are a group of 4-5 people and we are planning to travel/trek in the month of August..Can you please provide the package cost per person and the itinerary for a 3-day trek to Valley of Flowers?

  16. Hey, we are a group of 3-4 people looking around for Valley of Flowers Trek in last week of July /1st week of August. Please help with the available packages.

  17. Hello, we’re 4 to 5 people planning to visit valley of flower in 2nd week of may. Is it a good time for trekking?
    A kind request to advice itinerary and approximate cost details for the same.
    Thank you!

  18. hi,

    We are planning VOF during july first week. Will it be good time to see flowers? how would be the weather condition? can you please mention the main flowers which can be seen during july first week?

    • Hello Priyesh
      This year’s itinerary has been sent to you. Kindly check with your mail.
      Do contact if you are interested this year.
      Thank you !!

  19. Hi

    Is there vacancy for a single male on the trip starting on 13th August (Independence day weekend). I am based out of Delhi. Please advise what the cost would be and the itinerary and other details please.
    Thank you

    • Hello Rishabh
      This year’s itinerary has been sent to you. Kindly check your mail.
      Do contact if intersted this year.
      Thank you !!

  20. We are a group of 6 people planning to visit the place before it gets closed in October.

    Please share a detailed plan with costs on the trek that can help us plan better


    • Hello Shally

      This year’s itinerary has been sent to you. Kindly check.
      Do contact if you are intersted this year.
      Thank you !!

  21. myself and my wife visited valley of flowers through your 27 Aug tour plan including Auli. Thanks for everything what you have provided . This is our bad luck that number of flowers have reduced that time.But allover experience was awsome.I should mention guide Mr Ratnesh without whom we could not complete our tour thing i should mention that though you have mailed everything but you should mention those places where you are not providing food in tour itinerary itself.thanks a lot again.

    • Thank you Supriyo for your feedback.
      We are glad to see that you are happy with the trip. We have mentioned in the itineraray that meals will be provided in Ghangaria only.
      Thank you for writing. Hope you will join this year as well. The detailed itinerary for this year has been sent to you.

  22. Hello , me and my friend are planning to visit yhis place in second week of june . Can you please provide us the details for this trip.

  23. Hi, Devkant, How is all there @ Valley of Flowers? If you remember, I am Jayanti Vachhani from Vadodara and was with you on trek two years back? I still remember you, your team(Raman and all)! I visit your page regularly and memorise the trek I had with you.
    Then after we did Pindary glacier and harki doon treks. Wish to join you some time again.

    • Hi,
      I still remember sir, I personally trekked with you. We really had a nice time, you can contact us on +91 9991142759

  24. Hi

    We want to have 2 days at the valley and a visit to Bhadrinath as well. We want to visit when the rains are not pouring, what do you suggest

  25. Hi We are looking for visiting from August 17th/ August 18th . We are 4 Ladies who want to join. Can you help us to give us more details and if dates are still available for us to book. Thanks

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