Only one hurdle in visiting valley of flowers this year. The broken bridge over river Alaknanda at Govindghat.

Today morning I talked to a local person who has a hotel at Ghangaria and houses at Pulna Village and Bhuandar Village. I asked him about the latest position of Govindghat and possibility of a trip to valley of flowers in near future.  The main hurdle between the valley of flowers trip in 2013 is the absence of a bridge over Alaknanda River. But I hope It will be constructed within a month. I was discussing with Mr Raghuveer Chauhan, he told me that the hotel owners are coming together to construct the bridge if the authorities will not do it. I promised him to do as much help I can do financially to construct that bridge and I am in talks with other site owners who organize trips to valley of flowers to contribute. I appeal everyone who is willing to support for the cause can contact me. Even a small help will be very useful.

I was told by Mr Raghuveer chauhan that Village Ghangaria is ok and if the bridge is constructed over the river the valley of flowers trips will be possible in upcoming months of 2013.

Following is a video showing how hundreds of vehicles were swept away in Alaknanda. This is video of just one such vehicle.

We human beings are very tiny in front of nature. We damage nature and nature takes revenge like this. Let us stop damaging nature.

Although I try to give best information from my sources but there may be differences in actual position. Please take your decisions carefully. I will not be responsible for any loss due to any information here. I am totally dependent on information passed on by locals.

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