Things to carry for valley of flowers trek

While you go for any trek you need to have all the necessary things with you. Even if you miss one important thing your life can be hell during the trek. Sometime people carry a thing but not the right kind of, it can also make life during the trek miserable. I have been going to valley of flowers for last ten years and below is the list of items which you need to carry while you go for trek to valley of flowers. Although I tried to give a comprehensive list of things to carry for the trek, but these things may vary from individual to individual.

Following is the list of things to carry for trek to valley of flowers.

  1. One good quality lightweight jacket as temperature is very low especially during night time and mornings even in summers.
  2. Two lightweight trousers or pants, one for trekking and one to wear at night.
  3. One pair of shorts.
  4. Two lightweight fleeces or wool jumpers.
  5. A light weight umbrella.
  6. A woolen hat to wear in the evening.
  7. Sunglasses to prevent snow blindness.
  8. A camera, everyone is a good photographer in valley of flowers.
  9. A notebook and pen.
  10. A Duffle bag or large rucksack to carry your luggage from Govindghat to Ghangaria and back. You may hire a porter for this purpose. Porters are available at the rate of Rs. 600-800 per day. (Year 2012 rate, add inflation in it)
  11. Big duffel bag for trek to valley of flowers
    Big duffel bag for trek to valley of flowers
  12. A small pittho bag as a day pack on the day we go to valley of flowers and Hemkund Sahib. We need to take lunch, some medicines, water bottle, camera, spare batteries, umbrella and eatables like chocolates, biscuits and dry fruits in it.
  13. (Both the bags should have very light own weight.)

    Day pack for the trek to valley of flowers
    Day pack for the trek to valley of flowers

  14. Water bottle.
  15. Small light weight towel and its stuff should be thin so that it gets dried up early. In Ghangaria the temperatures are very low and humidity is very high, so the things get dried up very late.
  16. Toiletries as little as possible, if you are coming in group try to share with friends.
  17. Small torch.
  18. Playing cards, in the evening generally you will have some time for get together.
  19. Walking boots / trekking shoes. Please wear them for some days before taking them for trek so that they are well broken before coming for the trek. I do not want that you should have blisters during the trek. Sports shoes should be avoided for the trek.
  20. Recommended type of shoes for valley of flowers
    Recommended type of shoes for valley of flowers
  21. Important medicines like some antibiotics, muscle relaxant, crape bandage, bandage and medicine for headache, fever, vomiting and cold etc.
  22. Some dry fruits like Fig, Cashew nut and Almonds. Also some chocolates can be bought, idea is to have high energy low weight food items while trekking.

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