Chopta Weather

The Chopta, mini Switzerland of Uttarakhand remains incessantly splendid all round the year. The most pleasant time to visit Chopta is from March to May. Temperature during this time remains at about 10C to 30 C. It’s ideal time to explore the beauty of this fascinating hill station.


Chopta Weather in Winters

The Chopta Weather in winters are quite cool and chilling with snow fall. The temperature gets as low as -15 c and reaches a maximum of 15 C. During December and January, it gets fully covered with snow and certain passages may be blocked. People who prefer to enjoy the ivory snow and breath chilling winters come to Chopta in November and December. The view is quite clear during winters. One may enjoy spectacular 360 degree view of the lofty mountains. One has to carry heavy woolens during the winter season. One may enjoy the tranquil and solitary spirit of the place during this season.

Chopta Weather in Summer

Summers in Chopta are very pleasant but witness cloudy weather at times. It may perhaps be not possible to see clear views of the Himalayas. Light woolen clothes are preferable if you plan to visit Chopta during summer season. The cool breeze and the romantic surroundings are truly mesmerizing. You would find substantial number of people visiting Chopta during this time.

Chopta Weather in Monsoons

Monsoons in Chopta are quite beautiful but may be inconvenient due to landslides. July marks the onset of the monsoon and it ends by October. It lures visitors who want to enjoy the charm of rain in the hills. Do not forget to carry rain coats. Blessed with lush greenery all over, it becomes more beautiful during the rainy season.
Be it any weather or season, Chopta never ceases to be beautiful. With our easy booking options, discover this paradise of Uttarakhand. Book online with us and a beautiful world is just a click away.

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